ادميرال مصر


Admiral's products are also easy to operate with few breakdowns, as they endure working under harsh operating conditions, thanks to their development and manufacture with specialized U.S. technology, which has been able to gain the trust of customers in Egypt, as well as the Middle East. Especially the countries of Europe and then the United States of America.

Admiral Products

  • Refrigerator refrigerator
  • Heve deuti washing machine
  • Dishwasher
  • Water cooler
  • Microwave
  • Deep Fraser
  • Dryer Dryer Draer Clothes

اعطال ادميرال

To report a malfunction in the Admiral's device, call the acronym 19032.

Admiral's Maintenance Power Of Attorney No.

The Admiral Maintenance Power receives calls from customers from all over the Arab Republic of Egypt. The short number 19032 at the regular call price.

  • 19032
  • 01000550048 WhatsApp
  • 01000127038
  • 01220804060
  • 0222607200
  • 0222609832
  • 0222609831

Magic Chef Egypt

Updated number and address Magic Chef Egypt, technical support parts, maintenance, also customer service within the Arab Republic of Egypt and its provinces. magic chef egypt

Magic Chef Egypt

Magic Chef Egypt Address

Magic Chef Egypt Products

  • Dryer "dryer" dryer
  • Fridge "Fridge"
  • Deep Fraser
  • Oven
  • Cooker
  • Gas cooker
  • Microwave
  • Water cooler

Magic Chef Maintenance Powerof

Certified service centers, customer service, repair through magic chef maintenance power of attorney in Egypt.

Magic Chef Products

Botagas, oven, gas cookers, refrigerator, washing machine and plates, dryer, microwave, water cooler and many other products.

Potagas and Magic Chef Oven

Its furs and products are known for their safety, where it reaches the temperature of 550 Fahrenheit in a few minutes, also easy to jaw and tampon and maintenance, and it is easy for the customer to do this himself, thanks to the American technology.

The world is witnessing that the quality, design and idea of The Magic Chef Botagas is unprecedented.

Types of magic ovens

The idea is to ignite.

  • Ignition by a "power lighter" and an electric valve are among the best models.
  • The furnace is ignited by a "belt gas" which is a small flame that works constantly, also a valve that works in a boiler and not electricity.
  • Electronic ignition by electric slugs is the worst model in Egypt.

There is also a potagas and a flat "magic chef" oven.

Agent Of Magic Ovens in Egypt, United Engineering Corporation (UEO)

Magic Chef Refrigerator

Models: Duplex "two adjacent doors" with or without ice maker, two doors on top of each other, detailed such as refrigerator and freezer, but separated from each other door per device.

Magic Chef refrigerators are designed in attractive colors and designs, to suit all categories, in terms of kitchen spaces and use for a family with more than 8 people.

Magic Chef Refrigerator Parts

Magic Chef Refrigerator Spare Parts is available for repair and maintenance of Magic Chef's American products.

Potagas Magic Chef Prices

The United Engineering Foundation website, The Store, displays all the prices of products available in The Arab Republic of Egypt.

"Magic Chef Maintenance" Phone Numbers

Hotline "19032"

Headquarters "magic chef"

22 Ali Tawfiq Shosha Street, Nasr City, Abbas Akkad, Cairo.

24 B. Anwar Al-Mufti Abbas Al-Akkad, Nasr City "Ueo"

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